Guide to Self-Service Cars


By Maria James

Complete Guide to Self-Service Car wash

Self-service car wash is active and lucrative. While car wash with wands are no longer popular in recent times, it is profitable for current washes and technological advances in the field have led to more reliable operations and higher profits for the new car wash. Self-service car wash generally require an investment that is lower and has lower risk. In spite of the current economic downturn, an old-fashioned car wash that are self-service are being restored and operated to make profits. Innovative business strategies actually favor the use of these washes.

The cost of rehabilitating a self-service quick quack car wash is lower than other wash facilities. While in many urban environments the financial returns indicate that standalone self-service car wash are not cash-flowing in the immediate future. It is essential to consider these car wash as long-term investment, and should be considered as a part of any carwash service. Wand-type carwashing equipment is more durable than other variants, and requires fewer replacement cycles. Self-service car wash are a reliable source of income with lower maintenance and less employees.

Locating a diamond within the rough

The self-service car wash that has been closed and foreclosed could be purchased at an affordable price and then reestablished as a thriving business with many years of profits. By scouring local markets and speaking with real estate agents the closed car wash can be found and bought for less than the original cost. As traffic patterns and neighborhoods change, more income could be added to areas that were previously more difficult to acquire.

Rural roads

According to the report of the 2010 US Census report, 95 percent of the United States land mass is classified as rural (population centres that are less than 50,000). Census data also show it is 19.3 percentage (over 5.5 million) of the people live in these areas of rural. Car wash that are self-service are perfect for small towns in America. Many of these cities have at least one carwash with self-service, and many of them are poorly run and are in dire need of modernization.

Offering services that are not available on other websites

The new services available in self-service wash areas offer a unique alternative. Hand-held air dryers along with tire inflation as well as the in-bay cleaners some of the additional features common in self-service wash bays with cold climates. These are features that are very appealing in a heated bay environment. Bug-off, marine flush, and tire brush are popular when you live in warm climates.

Outside the box

In the course of major renovations or when planning a new site Many owners do not consider the possibility of combining offerings (i.e. roll-over/self-service or tunnel/self-service). The combination car wash are geared towards a greater variety of demographics of customers. Combination sites are more inclusive, offering washing services to more customers, while increasing the company revenue.

Combination sites are more active and can increase the number of businesses in every self-service, tunnel and roll-over bays. Wand bays provide wider range of services for customers who need to wash things that aren’t normally washed by the roll-over automated/tunnel. Customers are able to wash any item that can fit in this wash area. A lot of vehicles and other items that are that are washed at a self-service location don’t lend themselves to washing at other wash facilities. For example:


All-terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Recreational vehicles (RVs)

Utility Trailers



Lawn furniture

and other items of a smaller size

Wash Me Express

The latest trend in self-service car wash is a single-station, separate carwash. The Express wash is outfitted by a vacuum tires that are inflating. As well as a carwash which can handle a range of customers in a small amount of space and cost. The equipment can be set up in commercial establishments as an extra service, such as convenience stores. Self-storage facilities boat ramps, or even an apartment complex.

Buy with caution

The most efficient designs with the low operating costs are rarely bought at the lowest price initially. The phrase, “You get what you spend for” applies when purchasing self-service machines. Designing with less complicated configurations as well as robust components that provide more fluid operation are likely to be the most efficient investment. When you look for durable and high-efficiency, an actual value can be realized.


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