Write For Us – Tech, Home Decor, and Lifestyle Guest Post Opportunities!

Tech buzz Only welcomes all of its readers with adequate writing skills for the write for us program. We love to hear new ideas and amazing pitches. 

Our write for us program offers you a great opportunity to design and publish your articles that we will feature on our website.

With great writing skills and outstanding ideas, your guest post might be the next article that gets the chance to feature on our homepage.

We are currently accepting articles and blog posts on the following niches:

  • News
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Celebrity
  • Health
  • Automotive
  • Home Decoration
  • Sports

Write for Us Guidelines for Writers

We value reader satisfaction above all. Hence, we believe in providing them with the best experience on our website. To achieve that we have crafted certain guidelines for our guest posts under which you should operate.

Read the below guidelines carefully and make sure to reflect them in your writing.

  • Try to use simple wording and write articles that are easy to understand by the majority audience.
  • Be sure to write shorter sentences to successfully engage your readers. Long sentences result in the reader losing interest immediately.
  • Your article must be above 700 words.
  • The content written should be 100% unique and plagiarism free.
  • Use of paraphrasing tools is strictly condemned.
  • Be sure to add relevant keywords and authoritative links.
  • Your content should be very researched and well thought out.
  • Be sure to exclude any false information in your articles otherwise they will be rejected.
  • Try to keep away from mature topics such as adultery, gambling, and betting. Any article containing content from these niches will be rejected straight away.
  • Be sure to check your article for any grammatical and punctuation errors. Proofread them before sending us.

How to Submit Guest Posts

Submit your guest posts by emailing them to us at seorankbest1@gmail.com.

You will get a response within five working days after your submission has been made. Keep your guest posting requests to the point without any irrelevant stories and explanations.

Be sure to include one of the below keywords when approaching us.

Keywords to Include When Approaching Us

  • Your Keyword “guest post”
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Contact Us

If you still have any questions or queries regarding the write for us program feel free to email us at seorankbest1@gmail.com.

We will answer your queries as soon as possible.