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By Maria James

Commercial Cleaning Services Atlanta provides Best Services

Commercial cleaning services Atlanta provides cutting-edge cleaning solutions under a single umbrella with desired perspective, the right process, and a reliable guarantee. Cleanliness is next to godliness! This is what we do, making your floors shine like stars, offices divinely spick and span, and lawns even greener. The Covid 19 has pushed the world towards ultra-sanitization standards. Gone are the days when simple detergent cleaning was considered enough for meeting environmental hygienic needs. It’s more about inviting ambiance to make home locked and pandemic-stricken masses leave their abodes. 

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services Atlanta

Our hassle-free and compatible cleaning services in lobbies, classrooms, dining areas, waiting rooms, and during industrial manufacturing processes make people love your place. In homes, offices, shopping malls, or healthcare institutes, people find the surroundings safer and more friendly only if it speaks of cleanliness. The Commercial Cleaning Services Atlanta works by providing high-end corporate cleaning services at doorsteps. We offer personalized cleaning services based on your area’s length and breadth and type of workspace. We make people spread word of mouth through our commercial janitorial services, which make people feel at home with your place on the very first visit.

Why Jan Pro?

Commercial cleaning Atlanta goes ahead with a three-dimensional plan, which leaves no stone unturned for ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your space. This plan includes Jan Pro Technics, JAN-PRO-Signature Clean, and JAN-PRO Tracker. This helps us provide all-rounded cleaning support with soundcheck and balances on working and areas of improvement. 

How Do We Do That?

Jan Pro Atlanta has been making milestones in commercial cleaning and janitorial services by implementing  JAN-Pro Process and JAN-Pro Guarantee. Furthermore, we go ahead with customized solutions. Every place has its own cleaning standards and we come up with the specific place required cleaning perspective. For instance, a restaurant’s cleanliness needs are entirely different from that of a bank. The earlier is more about greasy smudge, oily surroundings, and maintenance of sanitation, while the latter is about classy premises, a hygienic environment, and safer documents and money exchange interactions. 

Free Custom Consultation

Commercial cleaning Atlanta provides free consultation for the clients. Whether you own a small business or large, we come up with the best suitable and cost-effective cleaning solutions. Our master consultancy team gets the right insights into your workspace needs and sketches the best going plan. Strategies make your customers return and this is why we have got clients coming back to us over and over again. Our professional commercial and office cleaning services commence with the following working:

  • Analyzing the size and type of your space
  • Estimating hierarchy as well as the number of cleaning staff
  • Looking into the type of cleaning i.e. residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, move-in move-out cleaning, Covid cleaning, Covid sanitation, water damage, mold removal, etc.

Professionalism and Training

Cleanliness is about unanimous looks, this is why we go ahead with a uniform dressing of the staff. Our staff dressing includes branded uniforms, IDs, and badges. We ensure clothing texture, based on the type of cleaning for work perfection, safety, and security.

We believe it’s our workforce that represents us and this is why commercial cleaning Atlanta goes for extensive personalized training of its staff. Our industry-specific training covers training of each member, from janitorial to supervisors and cleaning system owners to employees. 

Cent Percent Guarantee

We leave behind no ambiguity for our clients and offer an Exclusive Guarantee. Our trust in a 100% guarantee is the outcome of our strategic measurement of the investment and goals. Commercial cleaning Atlanta provides an onsite 50-point service checklist form to have a real-time check on desired cleaning benchmarks. This enables us to get a cut and dry view of the perfections achieved and loopholes left for hitting the next day.

Meeting OSHA Standards

Commercial cleaning Atlanta fulfills all set standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States. Whether it’s cleaning of products, equipment, material, or flooring; we surpass the set criterion of OSHA. Our hospital-strength disinfectants cover a wide range of bacteria and viruses,

which is something that makes us stand tall in the commercial cleaning industry. Our operators are honed on OSHA’s defined cleaning goals including Exposure Control Plan & Compliance, Hazardous Communication Standard, Blood Borne Pathogen Standards, MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling, Label Compliance Standards, and Drug Testing Methods.

A Step Ahead in Restroom Cleaning Delicacies

Our commercial cleaning and janitorial services promote peace and calmness in the restrooms. After a toiling day and hectic routine, it’s the restrooms that bring ultimate comfort. We make it hygienically safe and perfect serene dwellings by sanitizing every nook and corner from floors to counters and stall walls to fixtures and fittings. Forget about dampness, moss, germs, and odors and experience the day end peace with commercial cleaning services in Atlanta. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does JAN-PRO Technics mean?

 Ans: Our techniques are rooted in the hindsight of quality. We achieve those upright cleaning goals with hospital strength disinfectants, four-filtered backpack vacuums, microfiber mops, and the use of ultra-strong cleaning commercials.

What does JAN-PRO Signature Clean mean?

Ans: We believe in fine perfections and achieving that with untrained and low morale staff does never make sense. Our five-week training tenure brings the best out of every operator, making them own their job and productive in every possible way.

What does JAN-PRO Tracker mean?

Ans: Our everyday plan is like a day in and day out a clear analysis of how we made that. It starts as soon as you sign the agreement. Our survey team notes down the existing level of your space cleanliness and sets an initial improvement period, usually a month. 

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