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Discover Spectacular Secrets of Gemstone Jewelry

Since the ancient era, people have adored the unique and timeless gemstone jewelry due to its mesmerizing benefits and healing qualities. Furthermore, they believed that tempting gems and crystals protected them from negative/ evil energies.

The gemstones get categorized into precious and semi-precious categories per their origin, composition, and overall attributes. Every piece of gemstone ornament like a bracelet, pendant, earrings, or ring looks tantalizing.

Throughout history, varied gems like Mookaite get characterized by various powers, charms, or meanings. Such alliances derived from fables of Egypt, Old Rome and Greece, Asia, and even the Bible.

The Association of energies and planets with gemstones is not a recent concept; most cultures regard them as miraculous and fitted with mysterious strengths and powers. So let’s explore the hidden, unknown things about your favorite gemstone and crystal.

Famous Gems And Their Meaning

Some K2 Jasper gemstones are classy and elegant from the old to the modern age due to their captivating look and pleasing qualities. In addition, many wonderful gems like Opal and Moonstone have beautiful appearances and outstanding attributes.

  • Opal gemstone shows rainbow color light reflection; therefore, it’s also titled the Queen of Gemstones. It depicts a lavish lifestyle, good fortune, and passionate love. For centuries, Europeans have acknowledged Opal as the gem of hope, innocence, and truth.

  • Moonstone is of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. It represents sacred feminine energies with compassion, optimistic well-being, and empathy. Wearing Moonstone Jewelry will enable you to feel serene by encouraging qualities of inventiveness, restoration, and motherly protection.

  • Another rare and tantalizing gem of the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic is Larimar. It illustrates the feeling of tranquility, peace, and clarity of thoughts. Alleviate stress/ anxiety by using alluring sea stones.

  • Moldavite is another appealing green and glassy gem with impeccable vibrational energies. It’s known as a transformation stone as it enables you to overcome changes in every phase of your life by being optimistic and transparent in terms of thoughts. Meditate using Moldavite to awake yourself at a spiritual level.

Gemstones And Its Astrological Effects

Gems have an astrological presence depending upon the planetary movement and its effect on the zodiac sign. For example, people born in October month should wear Opal Jewelry.Its ruling planet is Venus, portraying a luxurious lifestyle, prosperity, and luck. One with a zodiac sign of Libra.

Opal is also known as ”the eye of god” due to its commendable healing attributes. Its also linked to Sahasrara Chakra, which relates you to universal awareness.

Pretty gem Moonstone gets governed by the Moon. Therefore, it is the best-suited gemstone for the Cancer zodiac sign. In addition, it’s a terrific healing stone for women. The June birthstone regulates a person’s mental and emotional state and is considered a precious gem of astrology. Turquoise is a blue color gem that is a birthstone for December born.

The planet Jupiter manages it. Wearing Turquoise Jewelry will enhance your look and can soak all the negative energies/vibrations close to you. One having Sagittarius zodiac sign should wear the enchanting blue stone.

Gems And Their Healing Traits

Apart from exclusive symbolic meaning and astrological benefits, the enticing gems also offer many superb healing attributes. For example, Amethyst, or a purple color gem, is the birthstone of February month. Its also known as the master healer stone due to its unique healing qualities.

The February birthstone shields you from negative energies. In old age, people believed that charming Amethyst could cleanse the entire body of all toxins. Varied colorful gems like Turquoise, Larimar, and Moldavite have exclusive healing characteristics that set them apart. For example, turquoise gemstone balances the energy of all the inner Chakras. As a result, it improves throat Chakra and improves your communication skills.

Larimar gem and its soothing energy help you to stay calm and stress-free. It also harmonizes all your intense emotions. Moldavite will enable you to overcome past traumatic memories and increases self-awareness.

Ways To Energize And Clean the Gems
Gems function and interact with the body so that their energy works on the wearer and awards them numerous advantages. Therefore, increasing their healing qualities is crucial to charge their power. Ensure to retain the shine and ever-lasting beauty of your spectacular gemstone ornaments. The healing stones must get purified at least once in two months.

Post this one should activate and energize them. Activate your precious healing gems by keeping them under sunlight and moonlight.Use a soft brush and clean your valuable gemstone jewelry gently. Never use rough things. You can also take some lukewarm water and add detergent to it.

Soak the ornament in the solution for 10 minutes and take it out to rub with a cotton ball to eradicate any residual dirt. Always seek assistance from a professional jeweler or gemologist before cleansing and charging the energy of your favorite crystal or gemstone ornament.

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