According to the CA Inter Test Series November 2022, the ICAI will administer eight papers in two sets of four courses each.


By Maria James

Does CA Inter Test Series November 2022 match the Syllabus of CA Inter?

Failure to pass in one topic prompts the disappointment of the entire class, implying that the student fails in the courses in which he or she has already succeeded. It should be noted that the average failure rate until the year 2020 has been just 16.76 percent, which means that only 16 out of every 100 students who take the exam pass it. Consequently, the highest failure percentage for the November 2022 Chartered Accountancy Course in India was only 8.88 percent. After passing the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) or CA Foundation Course, students are eligible to enroll in the CA Intermediate. In contrast, graduates, postgraduates, and undergraduates with equivalent degrees can simply register for the CA Intermediate exam without taking the prerequisite examinations.

CA Intermediate comprises of eight topics, divided into two groups of four subjects each. One can attempt/write one group at a time or both groups simultaneously. To pass the Intermediate examination, you must get a minimum of 40 percent in each topic and 50 percent overall (if attempting single group, the 50 percent aggregate is for each group). It is recommended to attempt both groups concurrently in order to be eligible for All India Ranking.

Each CA Intermediate paper is worth 100 points, for a total of 800. The test will be administered in both English and Hindi. Although there are both subjective and objective question types, there is no negative scoring.

The CA Intermediate exam is the second step on the path to becoming a chartered accountant. According to the CA Inter Test Series November 2022, the ICAI will administer eight papers in two sets of four courses each. An applicant has the option of attempting one group test or both groups simultaneously.

A CA Intermediate aspirant prepares for the CA Intermediate Examination 2022 by first reviewing the CA Intermediate Syllabus and Subjects. Not to worry, as we have provided the most recent revisions to the ICAI CA Intermediate Syllabus 2022 and CA Intermediate Subject below.

Consequently, prospective students may also obtain the CA Intermediate Curriculum online; candidates can also view the ICAI’s additions and deletions to the CA Intermediate syllabus here. We’ve also included a breakdown of the CA Intermediate topics’ weighting and a summary of the CA Intermediate Examination.

Addition of Subjects to the 2022 CA Inter Syllabus

All changes made by the ICAI for the exam in May 2022 are detailed below:

  • Accounting topics from paper 1 have been moved to advance bookkeeping paper 5.
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has added dissolution of partnership businesses with piecemeal distribution of assets, as well as the transformation of an organization firm into a corporation and sale to a corporation, as an accounting problem in limited liability companies.

Strategy for High Performance on the CA Intermediate

No one knows how to prepare for the CA Intermediate assessment. It’s barely four months away. Now is the time to put everything aside and concentrate only on your tests. You should be aware that in order to pass the CA Intermediate examination, you must achieve a score of at least 40 percent in each topic and 50 percent overall in the proportional number of subjects.

The CA Inter Test Series November 2022 curriculum consists of eight topics and two meetings. Obviously, everything is vital and you must complete the entire course, but there are a few topics in each subject that are more rewarding and less tiresome. In this post, we will discuss the subject-wise approach to preparing for CA transitional group 1 paper, while the next article will cover the CA transitional group 2 paper preparation approach.

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